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Offering PlayWisely® 

Infant Workshop & Parent-Child Classes

to Northeast Wisconsin

Summer Session:

June 18th - August 15th

(no classes the week of July 4th)

8-week session with classes offered Tuesdays-Thursdays

*registration is open!*

Early Fall Session:

September 3rd - October 11th

6-week session with classes offered Tuesdays-Fridays

*schedule/registration will open in late July


Research has shown that children’s earliest experiences build key structures of the brain that are used to make sense of the world for the rest of their lives.  PlayWisely has taken the latest and most robust findings from science, academia and sport as it relates to childhood play and brain development to create an innovative curriculum that’s designed to optimize your child’s natural learning potential. We build your child's developmental 'tool chest' of skills that will help them make their way through this rapidly changing world.

PlayWisely classes are fun-filled, action-packed adventures that engage the foundational learning skills for school readiness: attention, perception and memory. Age-appropriate movement activities build children’s body confidence, so when they discover a purpose, passion, or talent, they will have the tools to realize their dreams.  The best part about PlayWisely is that parent/caregiver participate in each 35 minute session!  


Beyond ABC's classes are founded in the PlayWisely method, bringing all of the key insights and research from science, education, and performance sports to help optimize a child's natural development. PlayWisely is the first developmental play system designed to optimize each child's natural learning and movement ability through each stage of development. The program takes advantage of the brain's early critical wiring period from birth to age five, when learning is most efficient and fun.
The Goal 
The PlayWisely goal is not to create baby geniuses but to foster a love of learning and developmental wellness that equips each child with a strong foundation to serve their future dreams and passions. No matter what a child aspires to do, the developmental tool chest of skills and abilities experienced in PlayWisely will last a lifetime.
Who is PlayWisely for? 
PlayWisely's curriculum targets children from birth to age 5 -- the brain’s early critical wiring period. We start with infant workshops from birth to 4 months old, and the classes begin at 4 months; they are based on either a child's age or stage of development.
Enrollment is limited to 4 in a class. The class meets once a week for 35 minutes.

One adult must accompany the child.

What to expect in a PlayWisely class at Beyond ABC
Expect to have lots of fun! Each 35 minute class incorporates purposeful play techniques to enhance your child's development. We start with our Cognitive Card System which is designed to teach your child and train their brain for efficient function. Then we move to our motor development curriculum where your child will develop body confidence through incorporation of age-appropriate skill experiences in eight key areas of movement:
Catching and Throwing
Fine Motor

PlayWisely Developmental Levels

Babies 1 (4-8 months) Sitters- assisted and unassisted
Babies 1 is for young babies starting at 4 months of age and includes babies who are beginning to sit up assisted and unassisted. Essential learning skills introduced includes attention, recognition and memory, and builds on foundational concepts in math, reading, language and communication. Age appropriate visual motor, fine motor and gross motor development are also introduced.

Babies 2 (8-12 months) Sitters, crawlers and babies pulling up
Babies 2 builds on the Babies 1 foundation of math, reading, language and communication skills. Cognitive skills include focus, visual discrimination, visual memory, form consistency, part to whole relationships, tracking, audio discrimination, and visual directionality. Age appropriate visual motor, fine motor and gross motor development is continued.

Toddler 1 (12-18 months) First steps, first words
Toddler 1 builds on the Babies 2 foundation. Concepts at this level include age appropriate cognitive skills for attention, recognition and memory as well as math, reading, language and communication skills. Age appropriate physical skills are developed and enhanced. 

Toddler 2 (18-30 months) Runners and talkers
Toddler 2 builds on the Toddler 1 foundation and enhances development of attention, recognition and memory. Age appropriate visual motor, fine motor and gross motor skills are practiced. Math concepts include 3D forms and patterns. Reading introduces c-v-c words and art focuses on primary and secondary colors. 

Toddler 3 (30-60 months) Jumpers and communicators
Toddler 3 builds on the Toddler 2 foundation and continues to develop and lengthen attention spans, memory capabilities and recognition.  Age-appropriate mini-matrix work and matching sets are introduced.   


The PlayWisely® Infant Workshop is designed to help you know your baby better, to ‘turn on, tune in’ and coordinate sensory processing pathways essential for jump starting natural learning and movement ability.Ideal for babies 6 weeks to 4 months old.Where/When:Virtually, in-home, or at Beyond ABCApprox. 1 hour Includes:PlayWisely Black and White Infant Stare Cards designed to ‘turn on’ and ‘tune
 in’ foundation visual skills.
-PlayWisely Infant Activity Workbook with over 30 activities to do with your newborn baby and a developmental checklist from birth to 4 months.-Recorded Video of Baby Warm Up-PlayWisely Infant Toy SetPlease have:Your baby dressed in a comfy outfit with open toes.

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