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Late Spring:

April 23rd - June 7th

(no classes the week of May 21st)

6-week session with classes offered Tuesdays-Fridays


June 18th - August 15th

(no classes the week of July 4th)

8-week session with classes offered Tuesdays-Thursdays

Class age key:


Babies 1 (4-8 months old)

Babies 2 (8-12 months old)
Toddler 1 (12-18 months old)
Toddler 2 (18-30 months old)

Toddler 3 (30-48 months old)

*If you have two children over 4 months old at different ages who would like to attend together, please sign up for the "mixed ages" class.

*If you would like to attend class with a friend of a different age range, please sign up for the "mixed ages class.

*If you have a newborn 4 months or younger + a toddler, you are welcome to bring your newborn along to observe their sibling in action! 

*Private and in-home sessions available by request. Please contact

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