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Tiny Dancers: 
A Babywearing

Dance Class 

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Introducing Beyond ABC's newest experience: Tiny Dancers

Nourish your mind, body, and baby bond with this brand new to Green Bay special event! A heartwarming class filled with gentle dance movements and joyful ways to connect with your little one. 

This low-impact, babywearing dance class will guide you through ways to harness the power of movement to nourish your well-being as a caretaker and deepen your bond with your child. You’ll boost your endorphins, lower your stress, get your body moving, and cultivate much-deserved joy. No prior dance experience needed. 

Come create unforgettable moments with your bundle of joy at Beyond ABC - where every step is a moment for connection and love!

Date & Time: 

Saturday, May 11, 2024 from 10:00am-11:30am


Beyond ABC


Any parent or caregiver with a baby ages 12 months or younger who can be held in a carrier


  • Begin our morning with a moment of deep connection and fun with your baby as we explore the PlayWisely Baby Warm-Up. Then we will prepare our baby and body for gentle movement in your baby carrier. 

  • Professional dancer, Elise Melendez, will lead us in about 30 minutes of gentle movement where you will move your body and groove with your baby to beautiful music. 

  • We will end with community connection time to cool down and chat with other caregivers who are in a similar stage of life.


$30 (includes one adult and one child)

“This was such a cool and unique experience. It’s rare that I am able to move my body and exercise without worrying what to do with Lincoln. He enjoyed it just as much! Loved meeting and connecting with everyone too. It was a welcoming environment and Elise was so much fun! Never felt so compelled to dance before in a class but her energy was unmatched!"
Erica F.

Alexa Young, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this event for?

We welcome any caregiver looking to nurture a bond with their baby 12 months or under who has experience and confidence with babywearing. We believe cultivating both a bond with your baby is important for parents (birthing and non-birthing) and caretakers of all kinds.

How old does my baby need to be?

This event is designed for babies 8 weeks to 12 months. This age range is in place to ensure a quality experience for you and your baby.

Do I need prior experience?

No! We believe everyone deserves to dance and the class will be led by an educator who specializes in teaching beginner dance for adults. You can expect simple to follow along movements, low-impact grooves, and ongoing encouragement to move in the way that is best for you! The focus is on you and your baby, not learning complex choreography.

Will my baby enjoy this class?

We sure hope so! Every baby is unique and you know your child best. In general, babies who are used to being worn tend to relax and often fall asleep. The movement, music and closeness should be a relaxing and comforting experience for all.

That being said, there will be space to tend to your baby’s needs to be fed, changed, and soothed as needed. You do you, for you know what’s best! And we will be here to support and cheer you on the entire time.

When can a birthing parent attend?

We ask that all birthing parents have had their postnatal checkup and have been given the all clear by your health care professional ahead of the event. We also ask that you have practiced babywearing prior to attendance, ensuring your body is ready to carry and move.

Do I have to use a carrier?

No. Movement during this event can be done safely through babywearing or holding your baby. We encourage babywearing as that is how the class was designed, but only you know what’s best for you and your baby.

What should I wear/bring?

For caregivers we recommend comfy clothing that you would wear to be active in. For example leggings and a t-shirt. We also ask that you wear supportive sneakers, no sandals, boots, or barefeet.

Don’t forget about the baby! We recommend 1 light, comfy layer as the baby carrier and your dancing body will add warmth.

Can I bring twins or multiples?

Twins and multiples are absolutely welcome! Here are a few options: 

  • Register a second caregiver to join you and share in the experience. 1 registration fee covers 1 caregiver and 1 baby. This guarantees space is available. 

  • You can keep one child safely in the stroller next to you and alternate. 

  • Contact us in advance to explore other accommodation possibilities.

Get to know your movement teacher:
Elise Melendez

As the founder and executive director of Motivated Movers, Elise has spent the last decade specializing in helping others embrace their inner dancer regardless of their prior dance experience. She designed a program focused on building professional actors’ confidence and proficiency in dance, has trained teaching artists to build more pedagogically sound and beginner-inclusive dance classes, and finds the greatest joy in helping adults discover the power of movement. It’s never too late to start dancing!  


Off the dance floor, Elise is committed to nonprofit leadership and strengthening communities. She is currently the director of professional communities for the American Marketing Association. Past focuses include managing director of Denman Theatre & Dance Co, casting director and assistant to the artistic director at Hangar Theatre, and guest teaching artist/choreographer for arts organizations and educational institutions such as Hangar Theatre, Palace Theatre New Hampshire, Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, Applause, St. Norbert College and Oklahoma City University. Bachelor’s in American Dance Pedagogy from Oklahoma City University, master’s in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management from Columbia College Chicago, and Green Bay native recently returned!

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Babywearing Safety

While this event has designed movement for babywearing, it is your sole responsibility to practice safe babywearing to ensure the safety of your baby and your own body. Because of this, we ask that you be confident and experienced in babywearing prior to attending as well as provide your own carrier. We also strongly recommend consultation with a doula, midwife, healthcare provider, or CWBS educator.


General Babywearing Guidelines

Open Airway: Keep your baby’s airway open throughout class, with the support of the carrier. Airflow to your baby should not be obstructed by any other materials.


Spread Squat: Baby’s legs should be in a spread-squat position, so that their hip joint is properly supported for growth. In general, baby’s knees should be higher than their bottom.


Facing In: Baby should be worn facing in while dancing to provide the most support for you and your baby. By facing your baby in, you can give adequate neck and back support, while your baby maintains a spread-squat position.


Temperature: It is very important to monitor a baby's temperature while being worn to ensure they are not overheating. We recommend dressing  you and your baby in lightweight clothing and utilizing a carrier with breathable material. Breaks when you both need are encouraged and celebrated. 


High & Tight: Wear your baby high on your body, above your center of gravity. This makes the baby feel lighter. You should be able to tilt your head forward and kiss the top of your baby’s head. Wear your baby tight against your body, so when you lean forward, there is no separation between you and your baby.

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