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We are a children's education company based in

Green Bay, Wisconsin

where children come to learn, play and thrive! 

We specialize in child developmental wellness classes by offering

the PlayWisely method for little ones between the ages of 4 months old through 4 years old. 

We are also home to Green Bay's only babywearing dance class: Tiny Dancers!



Preparing Young Minds to Thrive in a Changing World​

It’s all there in our name! We are all about playing. . . wisely! Experts know that early, age-appropriate stimulation is critical to your child's development. In fact, your child’s earliest experiences build key structures of the brain and cognitive tools used to make sense of the world for the rest of their lives.​

We’ve taken the latest and most robust findings from science, academia and sport as it relates to childhood play and brain development to create an innovative curriculum that’s designed to optimize your child’s natural learning potential. We build your child's developmental 'tool chest' of skills and abilities that will help them make their way through this quickly changing world. So yes, it’s science. And, yes, it’s learning. But to your kids, it’s just plain fun! 

Sarah F. 

We love our Beyond ABC class with Bridget. She is so warm and welcoming with the kids and has so much knowledge and passion to share. It’s great for me to connect with her and other moms as well. I love recommending this class!

Megan B. 

What a terrific experience for our family and we learned so much! My 4 month old son loved the cognitive card lesson, we bought the cards to work on at home too! I could really see him at work and learning in the moment, it was so cool….and he was all smiles! Bridget is incredible with children and made our family feel right at home.

Andrew W.

Bridget was an incredible teacher and instantly connected with our daughter. Our daughter was completely engaged and happy during the exercises. It felt empowering as a parent to have a defined framework for supporting our child's development.
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Explore PlayWisely Cognitive Card Set
and motor skill examples below:

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