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PlayWisely At-Home Card Set

Toddlers 2

    PlayWisely At-Home Card Set | Toddlers 2

    SKU: 364215376135191
    Color & Shape
    • This set is designed to develop and exercise age-appropriate visual field navigation and early learning skills by playing the ‘Find It’ game. These skills include; eye teaming, focus, attention, acuity, discrimination, recognition, memory, ‘playing a game’ and communication. 

      Toddlers 2: 18+ months 

      The Toddler 2 cognitive cards engage and exercise recognition of:

      • primary and secondary colors
      • foundation shape 
      • foundation attributes of size and quantity 
      • parts to whole perception, orientation of images and foundation landscape perspective 
      • the attributes of size, quantity, color, shape and kind requiring impulse control
      • optionally introducing color math 
      • place counting up to 6 
      • expanding foundation labeling 

      Each individual set contains 20 cards. 

      $20 for single set 

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